The following regulations shall apply to the C-1 Commercial-1 District.
   (A)   Use regulations. A building or premises in this district shall be used only for the following purposes:
      (1)   Any use permitted in District R-1 and R-2. For R-1 or R-2 uses within a C-1 District, the regulations of the respective R-1 or R-2 zones apply;
      (2)   Bakeries, retail sales only;
      (3)   Dancing or music academies;
      (4)   Personal service uses including barber shop, beauty parlors, photographic or artist studios, dressmaking, tailoring, shoe repairing, repair of bicycles, catering, restaurants and other personal service uses of similar character;
      (5)   Restaurants and ice cream parlors;
      (6)   Retail stores and other local business uses supplying the everyday shopping needs of immediate neighborhood and subject to the following conditions:
         (a)   It be conducted wholly within an enclosed building;
         (b)   Required yards be not used for display, sale or storage of merchandise, or for the storage of vehicles, equipment, containers, trailers or waste material;
         (c)   All merchandise be first-hand and be sold at retail on the premises; and
         (d)   Such use be not objectionable because of odor, excessive light, smoke, dust, noise, vibration or similar nuisance.
      (7)   Theater; and
      (8)   Accessory buildings and uses customarily incident to any of the above uses; provided that, such be not objectionable because of odor, excessive light, smoke, dust, noise, vibration or similar nuisance and that such may not be located in a front yard.
   (B)   Height regulations. No building shall exceed two and one-half stories.
   (C)   Yard regulations.
      (1)   Front yard. There shall be a front yard along front line of lot. The minimum depth of such front yard shall be 20 feet.
      (2)   Side yard. For uses permitted in the R-2 District, the side yard regulations for that district shall apply. For additional uses permitted in the R-1 District, no side yards are required; except that, on a corner lot the side yard on a street shall be 20 feet. Where a lot is used for any of the commercial purposes permitted in this district and abutting on the side of a lot in an R-1 or R-2 District, there shall be a side yard of not less than five feet.
      (3)   Rear yard. For uses permitted in the R-2 District, the rear yard shall be the same as in the R-2 District. For all other uses, a rear yard is not required, except when it abuts upon an R-1 or R-2 District; in which case, there shall be a rear yard of not less than ten feet.
   (D)   Signs. Advertising signs may be used when attached to a building and advertising only services, articles or products which are offered within the building to which such sign is attached; and, provided that, such sign shall not extend above the outside walls of such building, nor more than one foot from the face of the walls of such building, nor shall it contain an area of more than 12 square feet. One freestanding sign not to exceed 24 feet in height will be allowed in the front yard; provided, such sign does not exceed 30 square feet in area.
   (E)   Intensity of use. For uses permitted in the R-2 District, the minimum lot area and minimum lot width shall be the same as in the R-2 District. There are no minimum lot area or lot width requirements for other uses.
   (F)   Parking regulations. Parking regulations for dwellings are the same as those in the R-2 District. Where any structure is erected, reconstructed or converted for commercial uses or any of the business uses permitted in this section parking spaces shall be provided at the ratio of not less than one parking space for each 200 square feet of floor space in the building which is used for commercial purposes. Such parking space may be located on the same lot as the building or on an area within 300 feet of the building. Two or more owners of the building may join together providing this parking space.
   (G)   Additional use, height and area regulations. Additional use, height and area regulations and exceptions are found in § 159.02(B) of this chapter.
(2012 Code, § 93-3)