The following regulations shall apply to the R-1, One-Family Residential District.
   (A)   Use regulations. A building or premises shall be used only for the following purposes:
      (1)   One-family dwellings;
      (2)   Churches or other places of worship;
      (3)   Colleges, universities or other institutions of higher learning;
      (4)   Country clubs or golf courses, but not including miniature golf courses, driving ranges or similar forms of commercial amusement;
      (5)   Farms, nurseries or truck gardens, limited to the propagation and cultivation of plants; provided, no retail or wholesale business is conducted on the premises; and, provided further that, no poultry or livestock other than normal household pets shall be housed within 100 feet of any property line;
      (6)   Parks, playgrounds, community buildings and other public recreational facilities, owned and/or operated by the municipality or other public agency;
      (7)   Public buildings, including libraries, museums, police and fire stations;
      (8)   Real estate sales offices during the development of residential subdivisions, but not to exceed two years;
      (9)   Display residential houses with sales offices; provided that, if said display houses are not moved within a period of one year, specific permission must be obtained from the City Council for said display houses remain on their location;
      (10)   Schools, public elementary or high;
      (11)   Schools, private, with curriculum equivalent to that of a public elementary or high school;
      (12)   Temporary buildings or any storage container for uses incidental to construction work on the premises, which building shall be removed upon the completion or abandonment of construction work;
      (13)   Water supply reservoirs, pumping plants and towers; and
      (14)   Accessory buildings and uses, customarily incident to the above uses and located on the same lot therewith, not involving the conduct of a retail business.
   (B)   Area regulations.
      (1)   Front yard. There shall be a front yard along the front line of the lot. The minimum depth of such front yard shall be a minimum of 30 feet.
      (2)   Side yard. The area on each side of a building shall not be less than six feet.
      (3)   Rear yard. The depth of the rear yard shall be at least 30% of the depth of the lot, but such depth need not be more than 40 feet.
   (C)   Height regulations. No building shall exceed two and one-half stories or 35 feet in height except as provided in § 159.02(B) of this chapter.
   (D)   Intensity of use. Every lot or tract of land having an area of not less than 6,000 square feet and an average width of not less than 50 feet; except that, if a lot or tract should have less area or width than herein required and its boundary lines along their entire length should touch lands under the ownership on the effective date of this chapter and shall not have changed since said date, such parcel of land may be used for a single-family dwelling.
   (E)   Signs.
      (1)   One unlighted sign, which shall not exceed one square foot in area indicating the name of the occupant or occupation of a customary home occupation; provided, the sign is attached flat-wise to the building;
      (2)   One sign which shall not exceed 18 square feet, for church or school; and
      (3)   One sign, which shall not exceed four square feet in area for temporary unlighted sign pertaining to the lease, hire or sale of building or premises; providing that, the sign is immediately removed upon the lease, hire or sale of such building or premises.
   (F)   Mobile homes.
      (1)   No person shall park or occupy any mobile home outside an approved mobile home park; except the parking of only one mobile home behind the building setback lines of a plotted lot is permitted; providing, no living quarters shall be maintained in such mobile home while such mobile home is so parked or stored.
      (2)   A mobile home may be occupied for business or residential use outside a licensed mobile home park when its wheels are removed and when mounted upon a permanent type foundation; tied-down against storm; skirted with fire-resistant skirting with the necessary vents.
      (3)   Skirting porches, awnings and other additions, when installed, shall be maintained in good repair.
      (4)   Mobile homes shall conform to all applicable requirements of the Building, Electrical and Plumbing Codes and all other applicable codes and ordinances of the city.
      (5)   Mobile homes used as field offices during construction or mobile home displayed for sale or mobile homes sales lots and mobile home manufacturing plants are permitted.
(2012 Code, § 93-3)