(A)   The owner or owners of any tract of land in the city, compromised of an area of not less than ten acres, may submit to the city’s Building Inspector a plan for the use and development of all of the tract of land for residential purposes. The development plan shall be referred to the city’s Planning Commission for study, public hearing and report. The Commission’s recommendations and report, together with the plans, shall be submitted to the City Council within 30 days for consideration and action.
   (B)   The recommendation and report by the Planning Commission shall contain specific evidence and facts showing whether or not the proposed project meets the following conditions:
      (1)   The property adjacent to the area included in the plan will not be adversely affected;
      (2)   The plan is consistent with the intent and purposes of this chapter to promote public health, safety, morals and general welfare; and
      (3)   The buildings will be used only for purposes provided for in the R-1 and R-1 and R-2 Districts.
   (C)   The average lot area per family contained in the site, exclusive of the area occupied by streets, will be not less than the lot area per family required in the district in which the development is located.
   (D)   If the City Council approves the plan, building permits and certificates of occupancy may be issued even though the use of the land and the location of the buildings to be erected in the area and the yards and open spaces contemplated by the plan do not conform in all respects to the district regulation of the district in which it is located.
(2012 Code, § 93-10)