§ 51.06  FEES AND RATES.
   (A)   Charge for city collection. There shall be charged, assessed and collected for garbage, trash and rubbish collection by the city such fee as established by the Council.
(2012 Code, § 72-41)
   (B)   Conversion of single-family dwellings for business use. Where single-family dwellings have been converted to a rooming house or small in-home business, after proper and due notice, they shall be charged according to the rates established by the Council.
(2012 Code, § 72-42)
   (C)   Method of charging and billing. All solid waste collection and disposal charges and fees shall be billed to customers on their water bill. The fees and charges for solid waste collections shall be shown separately and distinctly from the water bill and/or other bill incorporated into the water bill. There will be no proration of service charges for a portion of a billing period. The charges and fees established and authorized in this section shall be billed to the party in whose name the water service connection is taken where the premises are served with water and/or sewer and shall be billed to the party in control of the premises at other locations; and, if this fact cannot be ascertained, the bill shall be directed to the record owner of such premises. The party who is so billed and to whom the services are made available shall be indebted to the city for the services and shall be obligated to make payment for such services. The bill will become delinquent ten days after it is rendered.
(2012 Code, § 72-43)
   (D)   Collection of delinquent fees. In addition to all other legal remedies available for the collection of a debt, the following actions and remedies are authorized for delinquent payment of the charges authorized in this section.
      (1)   The sanitation service may refuse to pick up and dispose of the garbage at the delinquent location.
      (2)   The water and/or sewer service, if any, serving the delinquent premises in question may be shut off and terminated.
      (3)   All present water utilities guaranty deposits, upon termination of sanitary service, may be applied to any amount due either for sanitation service charges or fees of water utility bills.
(2012 Code, § 72-44)
(Ord. 150904, passed 9-8-2015)