(A)   The Town Magistrate shall exercise powers, duties and responsibilities as provided by the Constitution and laws of the state, this code and the town ordinances.
   (B)   The powers and duties of the Town Magistrate shall include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:
      (1)   The keeping of a docket in which shall be entered each action and the proceedings of the Court therein;
      (2)   The responsibility for fixing and receiving all bonds, bails, fines, penalties, fees and other monies as provided by law and in accordance with town financial procedures;
      (3)   The delivery of the payment of all fines, penalties, fees and other monies collected by the Court to the Town Treasurer in accordance with state law and the town’s accounting procedure;
      (4)   Submitting a monthly report to the Town Manager summarizing Court activities for that month, including an itemized statement showing the amount of money collected, the purpose for such collection, the name of the person from whom the collections were received and the date such funds were paid to the Magistrate;
      (5)   Preparation of a schedule of traffic and criminal violations as provided by law, listing specific bail for each violation or offense; and
      (6)   Supervise and administer a work offender program upon adoption by the Town Council.
(1990 Code, § 5-2-2)