(A)   The presiding officer of the Municipal Court shall be the Town Magistrate. The Town Council shall appoint and may remove for cause the Town Magistrate and such Assistant Town Magistrates as are necessary. The Magistrate and all assistant Magistrates shall be appointed for a period of two years. The Town Council may appoint full-time, part-time or pro tempore Town Magistrate(s).
   (B)   In the event of a vacancy in the office of the Town Magistrate, the Council may appoint an interim town magistrate, who may either be a current Municipal Judge or a Judge from another county. The selection of the Town Magistrate shall serve until a presiding officer is appointed in accordance with this section. In no event shall the interim presiding officer serve in that position more than six months.
(1990 Code, § 5-2-1)  (Ord. 02-2012, passed 5-3-2012)