Subject to the restrictions and conditions hereinafter provided, when purchasing apparatus, supplies, materials, equipment and services for use by the village, in addition to such authority as may be provided by law and/or otherwise delegated by the Council, the Manager shall have the authority to:
   (A)   Prepare, or cause to be prepared, plans and/or specifications setting forth a complete description of the item(s) to be purchased and the characteristics, features and/or requirements therefor; or of the services to be performed;
   (B)   Include, where appropriate, in specifications for the item(s) to be purchased an opportunity for bidders to purchase as trade-in specified personal property owned by the village;
   (C)   Advertise, or otherwise secure bids, for such item(s), if required under applicable law;
   (D)   Award contracts for the purchase of the item(s) and, where applicable, award contracts for the purchase of the item(s) and the sale of trade-in property; and award contracts for the performing of services;
   (E)   Reject bids;
   (F)   Readvertise to receive bids;
   (G)   Waive bid bond or deposit requirements;
   (H)   Waive performance and payment bond requirements; and, execute and deliver the purchase or services contracts.
(Ord. 2007-06, passed 3-26-07)