§ 114.04 REPORTS.
   On or before the last day of the month, every person required hereby to collect the tax imposed by this subchapter shall file a report with the Director of Finance showing the consideration paid for all room occupancies in the preceding month, the amount of tax collected on the city’s behalf on such occupancies, and any other information as the Director of Finance may reasonably require. Such person shall pay over the tax due on such occupancies at the time of filing such report. There shall also be furnished to the Director of Finance of the City of Cleburne at the time of payment of such tax, a copy of the monthly tax report filed with the state comptroller in connection with the State of Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax.
('68 Code, § 26-14) (Ord. 11-1977-44, passed 11-8-77; Am. Ord. 9-1991-32, passed 10-8-91; Am. Ord. 02-2011-02, passed 2-22-11) Penalty, see § 114.99