The following definitions shall apply to this chapter.
   OPERATOR. The owner or person in charge of a public building, place, or workplace, including an employer.
   PERSON. Any individual.
   PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT. Any piece of equipment used for a child's play area, including but not limited to, swings, slides, monkey bars, and sand areas where children regularly play.
   PRIVATE CLUB. An association of persons as members, whether incorporated or unincorporated under the laws of the state, for the promotion of some common object, and organized by a board of representatives, including, but not limited to, a fraternal organization, private social club or dinner club. PRIVATE CLUB described as a facility in this chapter shall mean any enclosed area to which the public is not invited or in which the public is not permitted which is owned, leased or rented by the private club for its members and their guests. A privately-owned business, open to the public, is not a private club.
   PUBLIC BUILDING. Any building other than a building used as a private residence. If portions of a building are used as a private residence and another portion of the building is used for business purposes or commercial activities, then PUBLIC BUILDING as used herein shall apply to the portions of the building used for business purposes or commercial purposes, but not the portion used solely as a residence. The term PUBLIC BUILDING includes, but is not limited to, restaurants, offices and other workplaces, warehouses, health care facilities, and elevators, and enclosed common areas of multifamily developments. For purposes of this definition, it does not include a private area not accessible to the public.
   SMOKING or SMOKE. Inhaling, exhaling, or burning a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe or other lighted tobacco, weed, or other plant product in any manner or form, and/or any electronic vaping device, which shall mean any electronically powered or battery powered device designed to simulate the smoking of tobacco, cigarettes, pipes or cigars. An electronic vaping device includes personal vaporizers, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), electronic pipes (e-pipes), electronic cigars (e-cigars) and any other type of electronic nicotine delivery system or any part thereof.
   TOBACCO PRODUCTS. Pipe, cigar, cigarette and any other burning tobacco or smokeless tobacco goods, including but not limited to chew tobacco, dip tobacco, or snuff.
(Ord. 03-2015-20, passed 3-24-15)