(A)   The City of Cleburne being the owner of its own water and sewer plants and systems, it shall be the duty of the City Manager to faithfully execute all the rules, regulations, charges, rates, and restrictions as now exist, or that may hereafter be established and ordained by the City Council, with reference to the use, consumption, waste, payment, cut off, turn on, connections, and the general and detailed management of such plants and systems.
   (B)   The City Council shall fix, establish, change, and adjust the rates and charges to the consumers of water and user of the sewer system, provided that such rates and charges be sufficient to defray the cost of operating said plants and systems, keeping, maintaining, improving, and extending the facilities of such plants and systems to all parts of the City and to the territory which may hereafter become a part of said City.
   (C)   The City of Cleburne may acquire by purchase, gift, condemnation, or by any other means authorized by the laws of the State of Texas, lands and property within and without the City, for use as a part of its water and sewer plants and systems.
   (D)   All revenues and funds collected for or on account of the water and sewer services shall forthwith be delivered by the person or persons collecting same to the City Manager who shall forthwith deposit same with the City Treasurer or City Depository to the account or credit of "Water and Sewer Funds, City of Cleburne, Texas," and except for that portion thereof as may be appropriated by the City Council for salaries and wages of officers and employees of the Water and Sewer Department and the salary of the City Manager, such funds shall be used only to pay the costs of operating, maintaining, improving, and extending such plants and systems, and to pay the interest and sinking funds on bonds issued for water and sewer purposes now outstanding or that may hereafter be issued.
(Adopted by electorate, May 11, 2013)