The City of Cleburne shall have the power by ordinance to determine, fix, and regulate the charges, fares, or rates of compensation to be charged by any person, firm, or corporation enjoying a franchise in the City of Cleburne, whether or not it is stated in the franchise ordinance, a grant, renewal, extension, or amendment of a public utility franchise is subject to the right of the City Council:
   (A)   To terminate the franchise by ordinance at any time for the failure of the franchise holder to comply with the terms of the franchise, this power to be exercised only after notice and hearing and an opportunity to correct the default;
   (B)   To require expansion and extension of plant facilities that are necessary to provide adequate service to the public and to maintain plant and fixtures at the highest reasonable standard of efficiency;
   (C)   To establish reasonable standards of service and quality of products and prevent unjust discrimination in service or rates;
   (D)   To impose regulations that insure safe, efficient, and continuous service to the public;
   (E)   To examine and audit at any time during regular business hours the accounts and records of the utility which relate to the City's regulation;
   (F)   To prescribe the form of accounts kept by each utility; provided, that the utility is in compliance with this paragraph if it keeps its accounts in accordance with the uniform system of accounts prescribed for the utility by a Federal or State agency with regulatory authority over the utility;
   (G)   To require the utility to compensate the City for use of the City's public rights-of-way and other public property;
   (H)   To require every franchisee to furnish within a reasonable time to the City, without cost to the City, a general map, with updates outlining the location, character, size, length, and terminals of all facilities of such franchisee in, over, and underground of property in the City and to provide detailed information on request in a format as specified by the City;
   (I)   To require the public utility to give notice to any subscriber to its services prior to permanent or temporary discontinuance of such service by the public utility, except in cases of emergency, and to require that no officer, agent, servant, or employee of the public utility nor any vehicles under their control shall make use of, go upon, or cross any private property without first obtaining the permission of the owner or occupant, except in cases of emergency, and to provide a penalty for the violation of such requirements;
   (J)   To impose other reasonable regulations, requirements, and conditions as may be deemed necessary to promote the health, safety, welfare, or accommodation of the public and to insure safe, efficient, and continuous service to the public.
(Adopted by electorate, May 11, 2013)