Any elector of the City of Cleburne may make and file with the City Secretary an affidavit containing the name or names of any member of the Council or the Mayor whose removal is sought and a statement of the grounds for removal. The Secretary shall thereupon deliver to the elector making such affidavit copies of petition blanks demanding such removal. The City Secretary shall keep a sufficient number of such printed petition blanks on hand for distribution. Such blanks when issued by the City Secretary shall bear the signature of that officer and be addressed to the City Council, and shall be numbered, dated, and indicate the name of the person to whom issued. The petition blanks when issued shall also indicate the number of such blanks issued and the name of the officer whose removal is sought. The City Secretary shall enter in a record to be kept in their office the name of the elector to whom the petition blanks were issued and the number issued to said person.
(Adopted by electorate, May 11, 2013)