Ordinances submitted to vote of the electors in accordance with the initiative and referendum provisions of this Charter shall be submitted by ballot title, which shall be prepared in all cases by the City Attorney. The ballot title may be different from the legal title of any such initiated or referred ordinance and shall be a clear, concise statement, without argument or prejudice, descriptive of the substance of such ordinance, if a paper ballot, shall have below the ballot title the following propositions, one above the other, in the order indicated. "FOR THE ORDINANCE" and "AGAINST THE ORDINANCE." Any number of ordinances may be voted on at the same election and may be submitted on the same ballot, but any paper ballot used for voting thereon shall be for that purpose only. If voting machines are used, the ballot title of any ordinance shall have below it the same two propositions, one above the other or one preceding the other in the order indicated, and the elector shall be given an opportunity to vote for either of the two propositions and thereby to vote for or against the ordinance.
(Adopted by electorate, May 11, 2013)