Every ordinance shall be introduced in written or printed form and, upon passage, shall take effect at the time indicated therein; provided that any ordinance imposing a penalty, fine or forfeiture for a violation of its provisions shall become effective upon publication, subject to the provisions of Article V of this Charter. The City Clerk shall give notice of the passage of every ordinance imposing a penalty, fine or forfeiture for a violation of the provisions thereof, by causing the caption or title, including the penalty, of any such ordinance to be published in the official newspaper of the City of Cleburne or other media as authorized by State law at least once within ten days after the passage of said ordinance. He shall note on every ordinance, the caption of which is hereby required to be published, and on the record thereof, the fact that same has been published as required by the Charter, and the date of such publication, which shall be prima facie evidence of the legal publication and promulgation of such ordinance, provided that the provisions of this section shall not apply to the correction, amendment, revision, and codification of the ordinances of the City for publication in book or pamphlet form. Except as otherwise provided by Section 10.3, and Article V of this Charter, it shall not be necessary to the validity of any ordinance that it shall be read more than one time or considered at more than one session of the City Council. Every ordinance shall be authenticated by the signature of the Mayor and City Secretary and shall be systematically recorded and indexed in an ordinance book in a manner approved by the Council. It shall only be necessary to record the caption or title of ordinances in the minutes or journal of Council meetings. The City Council shall have power to cause the ordinances of the City to be corrected, amended, revised, codified and printed in code form as often as the Council deems advisable, and such printed code, when adopted by the Council, shall be in full force and effect without the necessity of publishing the same or any part thereof in a newspaper. Such printed Code shall be admitted in evidence in all courts and places without further proof.
(Adopted by electorate, May 11, 2013)