All powers of the City and the determination of all matters of policy shall be vested in the City Council. Among the other powers that may be exercised by the Council, the following are hereby enumerated for greater certainty:
   (A)   Appoint and remove the City Manager, in accordance with Article IV, Division 2 of this Charter;
   (B)   Adopt the budget of the City;
   (C)   Authorize the issuance of bonds by a bond ordinance in accordance with State law;
   (D)   Inquire into the conduct of any office appointed by the Council and make investigations as to municipal affairs;
   (E)   Provide for all boards required by law and other boards and commissions it deems necessary;
   (F)   Adopt plats and zone property;
   (G)   Adopt and modify the official map of the City;
   (H)   Adopt, modify, and carry out plans proposed by the planning commission for the clearance of slum districts and rehabilitation of blighted areas;
   (I)   Adopt, modify, and carry out plans proposed by the planning commission for the re-planning, improvement, and redevelopment of neighborhoods and for the re-planning, reconstruction, or redevelopment of any area or district which may have been destroyed in whole or in part by disaster;
   (J)   Regulate, license, and fix the charges or fares made by any person owning, operating, or controlling any vehicle of any character used for the carrying of passengers for hire or the transportation of freight for hire on the public streets and alleys of the City;
   (K)   Provide for the establishment and designation of fire limits and to prescribe the kind and character of buildings or structures or improvements to be erected therein, and to provide for the erection of fireproof buildings within certain limits, and to provide for the condemnation of dangerous structures or buildings or dilapidated buildings or buildings calculated to increase the fire hazard, and the manner of their removal or destruction.
(Adopted by electorate, May 11, 2013)