The manner of holding and the voting at all elections to be held in this City, and the power and duties of the managers thereof, the counting of votes, the making of the returns of said election, shall be, according to State law, in force at the time of any election, as far as the same shall be applicable and not in conflict with the provisions of this Charter; provided, that the City Council shall have full power and authority to pass such ordinances as it shall deem expedient for conducting elections. In the event there should be any failure of State law or this Charter to provide for some feature of the City elections, then the City Council shall have the power to provide for such deficiency. No informalities in conducting a City election shall invalidate an election, if it be conducted fairly and in substantial compliance with the State laws, where applicable and the Charter and ordinances of the City.
(Adopted by electorate, May 11, 2013)