(A)   General. The City shall have all the powers possible for a city to have under the Constitution of this State as fully and completely as though they were specifically enumerated in this Charter.
   (B)   Power of Ordinance. The City shall have power to enact and to enforce all ordinances necessary to protect life, health and property; to prevent and summarily abate and remove nuisances; to preserve and promote good government, order, security, amusement, peace, prosperity, and the general welfare of said City and its inhabitants; to exercise any and all municipal powers necessary to the complete and efficient management and control of the municipal property and affairs of said City; to exercise all powers that may be conducive to the public welfare, happiness, and prosperity of said City and its inhabitants and to enact and enforce any and all ordinances upon any subject, provided that no such ordinances shall be enacted inconsistent with the provisions of this Charter.
   (C)   Enumerated Powers. Except as clearly preempted by the Constitution of this State, the legislature, or by this Charter, the City shall and may exercise all municipal powers, functions, rights, privileges, and immunities of every name and nature whatsoever; specifically, without limitation, the City may:
      (1)   Acquire property within or without its corporate limits for any City purposes in fee simple or any lesser interest or estate, by purchase, gift, devise, lease, or condemnation, and may sell, lease, mortgage, hold, manage and control such property as its interest may require;
      (2)   Use a corporate seal;
      (3)   Sue and be sued without waiving sovereign immunity;
      (4)   Contract and be contracted with;
      (5)   Implead and be impleaded in all courts and places and in all matters whatever;
      (6)   May cooperate with the government of the State of Texas or any agency thereof, the Federal Government or any agency thereof or any political subdivision of the State of Texas, to accomplish any lawful purpose for the advancement of the interest, welfare, health, morals, comfort, safety, and convenience of the City or its inhabitants;
      (7)   License any lawful business, occupation or calling that is susceptible to the control of the police power;
      (8)   License, regulate, control, or prohibit the erection of signs or billboards within the corporate limits of the City;
      (9)   May provide for a public library and the maintenance thereof;
      (10)   Provide for the inspection of weights, measures, and meters and fix a standard of such weights, measures, and meters, and to require conformity to such standards and to provide penalties for failure to use or conform to the same;
      (11)   Provide a building code; and to enforce proper regulations in regard thereto, including but not limited to:
         (a)   Provide for the regulation and control of all building contractors and to require efficiency in the same;
         (b)   Provide for inspection fees;
         (c)   Provide for the issuance of permits for erecting all buildings and for the inspection of the construction of buildings;
      (12)   Regulate and control the operation of all character of vehicles using public street;
      (13)   To zone land;
      (14)   To regulate the subdivision of land.
   (D)   Not Exhaustive or Exclusive. The enumeration of particular powers by this Charter shall not be deemed to be exclusive or exhaustive, and in addition to the powers enumerated therein or implied thereby, or appropriate to the exercise of such powers, it is intended that the City of Cleburne shall have, and may exercise, all powers of local self-government, and any other powers which, under the Constitution and laws of the State of Texas, it would be competent for this Charter specifically to enumerate, and also such further powers as may hereafter be granted under the Constitution and laws of Texas.
(Adopted by electorate, May 11, 2013)