Intent and Purpose
   155.01   Short title
   155.02   Purpose
   155.03   Zoning districts established
   155.04   Zoning District Map
   155.05   Zoning district boundaries
   155.06   Compliance required
   155.07   Newly annexed territory
   155.08   Non-conforming uses, structures, and lots
   155.09   Creation of building site
   155.10   Certificate of Occupancy
   155.11   Completion of building under construction
   155.12   Completeness determination
   155.13   Vested rights
   155.14   Dormant projects
Amendments, Planning and Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustments and Enforcement
   155.15   Amendments
   155.16   Special exception use permits for parking space requirements
   155.17   Board of Adjustment
   155.18   Penalty for violations
   155.19   Savings clause
   155.20   Adoption clause
   155.21   Interpretation, purpose and conflict
   155.22   Repealer
   155.23   Preserving rights in pending litigation and violations under existing ordinances
Permitted Uses and Definitions
   155.28   Classification of new and unlisted uses
   155.29   Use of land and buildings
   155.30   Land use table
   155.31   Land use definitions and explanations
   155.32   General definitions
Primary District Regulations
   155.37   A - Agricultural District and the SF-1, SF-2, SF-3, SF-4, SF-A, SF-4/MH, D, T, and M Residential Districts
   155.38   MH - Manufactured Housing District
   155.39   C0 - Non-Retail, C1 - Local Business, C2 - General Business, C3 - Commercial Districts
   155.40   M1 and M2 Industrial Districts
   155.41   SF4/MH - Single Family Dwelling District and/or HUD Code Manufactured Housing
Special Purpose District Regulations
   155.45   IH, Interim Holding District
   155.46   PD, Planned Development District
   155.47   SUP, Specific Use Permit
   155.48   Historic District Overlay (H)
   155.49   C4 Private Club Overlay District (C4)
   155.50   Original Downtown Overlay District (ODC)
   155.51   Commercial/Industrial Overlay District
Supplementary District Regulations
   155.53   Site plan requirements
   155.54   Vehicle parking regulations
   155.55   Off street loading regulations
   155.56   Landscape regulations
   155.571    Sexually oriented businesses; general provisions and definitions
   155.572   Sexually oriented businesses; licenses
   155.573   Location of sexually oriented businesses
   155.574   Exemption of sexually oriented businesses from locational restrictions
   155.575   Additional regulations for certain sexually oriented businesses
   155.576   Additional regulations pertaining to visibility, continuous walls and illumination at all sexually oriented businesses
   155.577    Display of sexually explicit material to minors
   155.578    Sexually oriented businesses; hours of operation
   155.579    Sexually oriented businesses; administration and enforcement of regulations
   155.58   Temporary uses
   155.59   Private clubs
   155.60   Wireless telecommunication facilities
Home Occupation Regulations
   155.70   Home occupation regulations
Historic Landmarks
   155.80   Purpose
   155.81   Definitions
   155.82   Designation of historic landmarks
   155.83   Certificate of Appropriateness for alterations or new construction
   155.84   Certificate of Appropriateness required for demolition
   155.85   Reserved
   155.86   Enforcement
   155.87   Fee
   155.88   Reserved
   155.89   Reserved
   155.90   Design guidelines for residential and non-residential historic landmarks
   155.91   Recommended design guidelines for the Downtown District
   155.99   Penalty
   Appendix:     Illustrations