The City Manager or designee shall enforce all rules and regulations necessary to the operation and enforcement of this chapter. The City Manager or designee shall be empowered and directed to:
   A.   Issue Permits: Issue permits for original art murals that conform to the provisions of this chapter. The expiration date for such permits shall be one hundred eighty (180) days from the time the permit is issued. Permitted original art murals must be completed within sixty (60) days from the date the first tile, image or paint is affixed to the building facade.
   B.   Determine Conformance: Ensure that all murals are executed in conformance with this chapter. Clearfield City will perform:
      1.   Initial Inspection After Mural Application: The City Manager or designee may make an initial inspection upon the completion of the application of the original art mural.
      2.   Re-Inspection (When Necessary): The City Manager or designee may perform a re-inspection of any mural for which a permit was issued but which upon primary inspection was not affixed in conformance with the regulations of this chapter.
   C.   Legal Action: The City Manager or designee shall institute any appropriate action or proceeding in any case where any mural is illegally affixed, altered, repaired, converted, or maintained, or in any case where any mural is tiled or hand-painted in violation of any City ordinance including, but not limited to, the provisions of this chapter by:
      1.   Issuing Notices Of Violations And Citations: The City Manager or designee may issue a written notice of violation to the person having charge or control or benefit of any mural found to be unsafe or dangerous or in violation of this Code, particularly when the City is contemplating removal of said mural. Such official may also issue civil citations and swear to information against violators.
      2.   Abating And Removing Illegal Murals:
         a.   Murals tiled, affixed, or painted on private property in violation of this chapter shall be brought into conformance within thirty (30) calendar days of written notice by the City, either through removal of the mural or by obtaining a mural permit. Any mural not brought into compliance within the time period given in the notice may at once be abated and removed by the City Manager or designee. The person responsible for any such illegal mural shall be liable for the cost incurred in the removal thereof, and the City is authorized to effect the collection of said cost.
         b.   Any murals tiled, affixed, or painted upon public property may be removed by the City without notice.
      3.   Abating And Removing Non-Maintained, Or Abandoned Mural: The City Manager or designee shall require each non-maintained or abandoned mural to be removed from the building or premises when such mural has not been repaired or put into use by the owner, person having control or person receiving benefit of such structure within forty five (45) calendar days after written notice has been given to the owner, person having control, or person receiving benefit of such structure.
   D.   Failure To Remove Or Abate Any Illegal Mural: In no case shall failure to remove or abate any illegal murals constitute approval by the City of such mural. (Ord. 2018-15, 9-11-2018)