ALTERATIONS: Any change to the permitted original art mural, including but not limited to any change to the image(s), materials, colors or size of the permitted original art mural. "Alteration" does not include naturally occurring changes to the permitted original art mural caused by exposure to the elements or the passage of time. Minor changes to the permitted original art mural which result from the maintenance or repair of the permitted original art mural shall not constitute "alteration" of the permitted original art mural within the meaning of this chapter. This can include slight and unintended deviations from the original image, colors or materials that occur when the permitted original art mural is repaired due to the passage of time, or as a result of vandalism such as graffiti.
CHANGING IMAGE MURAL: A mural that, through the use of moving structural elements, flashing or sequential lights, lighting elements, or other automated method, results in movement, the appearance of movement or change of mural image or message. Changing image murals do not include otherwise static murals where illumination is turned off and back on not more than once every twenty four (24) hours.
COMPENSATION: The exchange of something of value. It includes, without limitation, money, securities, real property interest, barter of goods or services, promise of future payment, or forbearance of debt. "Compensation" does not include:
   A.   Goodwill; or
   B.   An exchange of value that a building owner (or leaseholder with a right to possession of the wall upon which the mural is to be placed) provides to an artist, muralist or other entity where the compensation is only for the creation and/or maintenance of the mural on behalf of the building owner or leaseholder, and the building owner or leaseholder fully controls the content of the mural.
ORIGINAL ART MURAL: An original work of visual art which is tiled; computer generated print or images including digitally printed vinyl; or painted by hand directly upon, or affixed directly to an exterior wall of a building. Original art mural does not include:
   A.   Murals containing electrical or mechanical components; or
   B.   Changing image murals.
PERMITTED ORIGINAL ART MURAL: An original art mural for which a permit has been issued by Clearfield City pursuant to this chapter. (Ord. 2018-15, 9-11-2018)