A.   Impact Fees: The collection of impact fees shall apply to all new development in the city unless otherwise provided herein. Until any impact fee required by this chapter has been paid in full, no building permit, electrical permit, certificate of compliance, certificate of occupancy, or other permit subsequent to development plan approval for any development shall be issued. A stop work order shall be issued on any development for which the applicable impact fee has not been paid in full.
      1.   Parks And Recreation Impact Fees: Parks and recreation impact fees shall apply only to new residential development.
      2.   Storm Drainage Impact Fees: Storm drainage impact fees shall apply to new residential, commercial, industrial, institutional or any other land use which creates additional runoff through the placement of any hard surface.
      3.   Water Impact Fees: Water impact fees shall apply to any connection to the culinary water system, placing additional demand for storage facilities and distribution lines.
      4.   Sewer Impact Fees: Sewer impact fees shall apply to any connection to the sanitary sewer system, placing additional demand for collection lines, storage and treatment facilities and all associated improvements.
   B.   Moved Structures: The movement of a structure onto a lot shall be considered development and shall be subject to the impact fee provisions, unless otherwise provided herein.
   C.   Excluded Activities: The impact fee provisions shall not apply to the following activities:
      1.   Placing on a lot in the city a temporary construction trailer or office, but only for the life of the building permit issued for the construction served by the trailer or office; and
      2.   Any development, including, but not limited to, the mere subdivision of land, installation of utilities, or the use of land for limited recreational, agricultural, filling or degrading purpose, which in the opinion of the building official, will not result in a net increase in demand on the city's parks and recreation, roadways, storm drainage, sewer facilities and water facilities. (Ord. 2013-07, 5-28-2013, eff. 9-1-2013)