A.   Petition: Any person desiring to initiate a change in this title or the zoning map shall submit a petition to the planning and zoning administrator, who shall schedule the petition for consideration by the planning commission. The planning and zoning administrator shall review the petition to see that all information and items required by this title are included in the petition. (Ord. 2009-22, 11-24-2009)
   B.   Information And Items Required: The petition shall be submitted in writing on forms prepared by the city and shall contain the following information:
      1.   Designation of the specific section amendment or zone change desired.
      2.   The reason and justification for such change.
      3.   A draft of the proposed section amendment or a complete and accurate legal description of the area proposed to be rezoned.
      4.   An accurate property map showing all areas to be included in the rezoning and all properties immediately adjacent to the proposed rezone area.
      5.   A list of all property owners within three hundred feet (300') of the boundaries of the property to be rezoned, according to the assessment rolls of the Davis County assessor. Stamped, addressed envelopes for each property owner shall also be submitted by the applicant. The return address shall be for the city. (Ord. 2015-19, 12-8-2015)
   C.   Fee: The petition shall be accompanied by the appropriate fee, as specified from time to time by the city council in the fee schedule. (Ord. 2009-22, 11-24-2009)