A.   All development and building permit applications are to be presented to the city on the applicable application form(s) provided by the city. (Ord. 2015-19, 12-8-2015)
   B.   The steps in the review and consideration of the various development applications, permits, and licenses authorized by this title may be identified by the city council and provided with the applicable application form.
   C.   The standards and requirements of this title, as applicable, shall apply to all uses or development activity located or proposed within the city. No use or development activity may be commenced or undertaken unless all necessary approvals, permits, and licenses have been issued in accordance with the provisions of this title, as applicable. (Ord. 2009-17, 11-24-2009)
   D.   An application for a required development approval, permit, or license shall be initiated by submitting the appropriate application(s) to the planning and zoning administrator. (Ord. 2015-19, 12-8-2015)
   E.   Upon receipt of an application, the planning and zoning administrator shall make a determination concerning its completeness. If the planning and zoning administrator determines that the application is incomplete, he or she shall notify the applicant in writing, identifying the deficiencies of the application and advising the applicant that no action will be taken by the city until they have been corrected. If the applicant fails to correct the specified deficiencies within thirty (30) days from the date of notification by the planning and zoning administrator, the application shall be deemed withdrawn and the applicable application fees will be returned to the applicant. (Ord. 2009-17, 11-24-2009)
   F.   An applicant may withdraw an application at any time prior to a final decision on the application. Application fees shall not be refundable if prior to withdrawal:
      1.   A review of the application by the city has commenced; or
      2.   Notice of a meeting or public hearing to consider the application with the planning commission or city council has been mailed, posted or published. (Ord. 2015-19, 12-8-2015)
   G.   The rights conferred by a development permit upon the filing of a complete application and approval by the city shall be limited to those rights granted in the applicable provisions of this title and subject to any conditions attached to the development permit.
   H.   All development approvals may be conditioned so that no building permit is issued on the subject property until all delinquent taxes and charges have been paid to date of approval.
   I.   Approval of a land use application shall expire after one hundred eighty (180) days from the date of approval unless the land use or construction in furtherance of the land use has commenced. A maximum extension of six (6) months may be granted by the land use authority under exceptional circumstances.
   J.   If an application for a development approval, permit or license is denied for failure to meet the requirements of this title, an application for all or a part of the same property shall not be considered for a period of at least one year from the date of denial unless the subsequent application is for a development that is different from the previously denied proposal, the prior denial was based upon a mistake of fact, or on a motion duly passed by the city council to act immediately and identifying a valid public purpose.
   K.   In order to review information relevant to an application, permit, or license, city staff or official(s) may, upon the permission of the owner, enter upon any public or private property and make an inspection thereof.
   L.   The fees for processing and review of all applications, permits, and licenses required by this title, designed to recover the actual or anticipated costs of review and processing of the application, shall be established by the city council and amended from time to time as necessary. The fee schedule may include an administrative processing fee and application fees, as applicable, for the various applications, permits, and licenses required by this title. Fees shall not be required for applications initiated by the planning commission, city council, or planning and zoning administrator.
   M.   If an application is filed and determined complete by the planning and zoning administrator prior to the adoption of this title, the previous ordinance shall be in effect. (Ord. 2009-17, 11-24-2009)