A.   Two Users On Same Connection: Where two (2) or more families or premises are supplied from the same water service pipe, the failure on the part of either of said parties to comply with these regulations shall warrant the city to withhold a supply of water through said service pipe until a separate service pipe with stopcock and key box is put in for each user of water and under a separate application.
   B.   Taker Only To Use Water: It shall be unlawful for any water user to permit any person from other premises or any unauthorized persons to use or obtain water regularly from his premises or water fixtures, either outside or inside his building.
   C.   Pipes Kept In Good Repair: All water users shall keep their service pipe and connections and other apparatus in good repair and protected from frost at their own expense, but no person, except under the direction of the water department, shall be allowed to dig into the street for the purpose of laying, removing or repairing any service pipe.
   D.   Extensions Or Attachments; Permit Required: It shall be unlawful for any person to make any extension of any pipe or water fixture attached to the waterworks system for any purpose whatever without first obtaining a permit from the city. Within twenty four (24) hours after the completion of any plumbing work connected with the water system, the same must be reported to the city.
   E.   Waste Of Water: It shall be unlawful for any water user to waste water or to allow it to be wasted by imperfect stop taps, valves, leaky joints or pipes, or to allow tanks or watering troughs to leak or overflow, or wastefully to run water from hydrants, faucets or stops or through basins, water closets, urinals, sinks or other apparatus, or to use the water in violation of the rules and regulations for controlling the water supply.
   F.   Water Shortage: The city council may, by resolution, regulate, restrict or limit the use of water during water shortage periods and shall have the power to take all necessary means and make any necessary regulations as circumstances may require to protect the users of the city water. (Ord. 95-2, 3-14-1995)
   G.   Access By City: The city, by its agents, shall at all ordinary hours have free access to places supplied with water from the water system for the purpose of examining the apparatus to ascertain the amount of water used and the manner of its use. Access by the city to any water meter on public or private property shall not be obstructed or interfered with by trees, shrubs, barriers, or hindrance of any kind. If the reading of any water meter is obstructed or interfered with, the city shall cause the property owner to be given a written notice to remove the obstruction or interference. If the obstruction or interference is not removed within fifteen (15) days after service of the notice, the city may, at its option, remove the obstruction or interference without any liability whatsoever to the city from the property owner and may also charge the property owner with the reasonable cost of such removal.
   H.   Motors And Other Restrictions: No water shall be supplied from the pipes of the city water system for the purpose of driving any motor, siphon, turbine or other wheels, or any hydraulic engines, or elevators, or for driving or propelling machinery of any kind whatsoever, nor shall any license be granted or issued for any such purpose, except by special permission of the city council. (Ord. 2008-16, 12-9-2008)
   I.   Cleanouts: Any and all sewer connection lines shall have a cleanout every one hundred feet (100') and at every ninety degree (90°) bend therein. (Ord. 95-2, 3-14-1995; amd. 2000 Code)