A.   Procedure Established: The city shall, through its properly designated employees, promptly bill all persons for all utility services including the water system, sewer system, stormwater system and solid waste collection system. The form of the statement may show the separate charges due for water supplied, sewer services furnished, stormwater services and solid waste collection; provided, however, that all users of such utilities shall each pay monthly the sum total of all utility charges and that such charges may not be paid separately. Water services shall be disconnected to any consumer who shall become delinquent in the payment of utility charges. A utility account is delinquent if the sum total of all utility services (i.e., water, sewer, solid waste collection and stormwater) is not paid in full by the last business day of the month in which the utility statement is prepared. (Ord. 2008-16, 12-9-2008)
   B.   Delinquent Accounts: If any person receiving water supplied from the water system neglects, fails or refuses to pay the sum of the utility statement and the account becomes delinquent as defined in subsection A of this section, the late fee required by the city’s consolidated fee schedule will be assessed on the first business day of the new month. In the event the account remains delinquent, the chief financial officer, or designee shall cause the water to be turned off from the premises of such delinquent account. All delinquent utility charges shall be paid up to the end of the term as assessed prior to reinstatement of water service. In the event water is turned off for nonpayment of utility charges as herein provided, in addition to all delinquent amounts and the late fee enumerated above, the disconnect/reconnect fee specified by the city’s consolidated fee schedule will be assessed and must be paid before the water is turned on again. Furthermore, users who have allowed an account to become delinquent shall be required to make a deposit and file a new application as provided in this chapter. Notwithstanding the foregoing, upon request of the registered account holder, the city manager or his/her designee has the discretion to waive the fees, reapplication and deposit enumerated above one time during the previous three (3) year period. (Ord. 2010-17, 10-12-2010, eff. 11-1-2010; amd. Ord. 2022-20, 6-28-2022)