A.   Charges During Absence 1 :
      1.   Turning water off during absence:
         a.   The fee required by the city's fee schedule shall be paid to disconnect water service. This fee includes the reconnect service.
         b.   The minimum monthly water, sewer and stormwater rates will be assessed monthly.
      2.   Water left on and pay minimum fees during absence:
         a.   No service fee will apply.
         b.   The minimum monthly water, sewer and stormwater rates will be assessed monthly. (Ord. 2008-16, 12-9-2008)
   B.   Clearfield City Utility Assistance Program: The city hereby establishes a ten percent (10%) discount for qualified households on their Clearfield City utility bills.
      1.   To qualify, an individual must present their notification of acceptance from one of two (2) programs, the Utah telephone assistance program (UTAP) or the home energy assistance target (HEAT).
      2.   The acceptance letter must be in the same name as the name of the responsible party for the utility account.
      3.   The acceptance letter cannot be over sixty (60) days old.
      4.   Households qualifying for this assistance program must reapply on an annual basis. Households should do so within sixty (60) days of being accepted into one of the two (2) programs.
   C.   Reciprocation: The city council may authorize water rates to residents of other incorporated municipalities at the same rate charged within the city, provided said municipality agrees to reciprocate under similar circumstances.
   D.   Qualified Military Reserve Rate: The following water, sewer and garbage rate classification is hereby established for United States military reserve personnel on active duty as follows:
      1.   To qualify, an individual must present his or her activation orders placing them on active duty, provide active duty, station, dates and the location as to where they will be stationed for active duty.
      2.   After the person has qualified, Clearfield City shall waive all administrative charges only for water, sewer and garbage each month during active duty.
      3.   A "qualified individual" is a person who is a head of household domiciled within Clearfield City who has been called to active duty with a United States military reserve unit.
      4.   The spouse of a qualified person may apply for the foregoing water, sewer and garbage rates.
      5.   The water, sewer and garbage rate classification established by this subsection D may be referred to as the "qualified military reserve rate". (Ord. 2007-07, 1-23-2007)



1. See also subsection 5-2-4C of this code.