The schedule of rates for sanitary sewer services contained in the city's fee schedule shall be charged and collected and such rates are hereby established and declared to be uniform with respect to the class of services furnished. All sewer accounts will be billed the base fee monthly.
   A.   Residential/Multi-Unit: All single-family residential and multi-unit connections will have a basic monthly fee assessed for sanitary sewer service.
   B.   Commercial/Industrial/Institutional/Dormitory:
      1.   Metered: All commercial and industrial establishments having metered water service shall be charged for sewer service on the basis of metered water. For the billing periods beginning May 1 through and including the November 1 bill of each year, the sewer charges will be billed on a five (5) month winter averaging. The five (5) month period will consist of water consumption from the December 1 through April 1 bills.
      2.   More Than One User: Whenever more than one commercial or industrial user is serviced by the same water meter, there shall be charged a minimum monthly sewer fee based on the commercial base fee as set forth in the city's fee schedule for each user connected to the water meter. All gallonage for the multiconnection shall be charged at the rate indicated in the city's fee schedule and shall be divided equally between the users connected to the meter unless the users present to the city a written agreement that the fees shall be charged on a different basis other than equally. The rate for excess usage shall change every January 1 according to the commercial rate schedule in the city's fee schedule.
      3.   Unmetered Users: All commercial and industrial users not having metered water service shall be charged for sewer services on the basis of the number of connections and the number of employees.
      4.   Special Treatment: Where the sewage discharged by any commercial or industrial establishment into the city sanitary sewer system is of such character as to require special treatment or to constitute an unusual and abnormal burden on the disposal facilities, such additional charges shall be assessed and shall be paid therefor by the user as may be determined by the city council to be fair and equitable.
   C.   Amendments: The schedule of rates contained in the consolidated fee schedule may and shall be amended and revised from time to time when, in the opinion of the city council, such revisions are necessary to yield a revenue adequate to cover the operational or capital improvement costs of the system and/or for the retirement of the city water and sewer revenue bonds and the payment of interest thereon. (Ord. 2008-16, 12-9-2008)