A.   Required: The owner of real property to which these services are to be connected or such owner’s registered agent 1 , must submit a written application for such services agreeing to pay for all utility services furnished to the property, whether occupied by the owner or by a tenant or other occupant. (Ord. 2015-18, 11-24-2015)
   B.   Deposit: At the time of filing such application, there shall be deposited with the city an amount required by the city’s fee schedule to be retained by the city as guarantee for the payment of all water and sewer charges that may accrue against the property to be serviced. Such deposit shall not be considered as advance payment of any service charges and unpaid accounts shall be considered delinquent notwithstanding the existence of such deposit and the user shall not have the right to compel the city to apply such deposit to any account to avoid delinquency; provided, however, that the city may, at its option, apply such deposit to any unpaid account. If the city does apply such deposit to any unpaid account where the user has moved or terminated water or sewer service, any amount of said deposit remaining after payment of said account shall be returned to the user, except that the city need not refund any amount less than ten dollars ($10.00) or no deposit need be returned to the user and will be deemed forfeited if the whereabouts of the user is unknown and no address has been provided to the city within thirty (30) days following the termination of service.
   C.   Refund Of Deposit: All property owners who shall have kept their water and sewer account current at all times for a continuous period of twelve (12) months from the date of initial deposit shall have said deposit refunded to them.
   D.   Amendments And Preparation Of Application: The chief financial officer, or designee, shall prepare an application for water and sewer service and may amend, alter or add to said application at any time as need may require, by and with the consent and approval of the city council.
   E.   Reinitiation Of Service After Write Off Of Previous Charges: Any person who has caused the city to write off charges for water and sewer charges shall be required to reapply as provided above in order to continue to use the water and sewer utilities. The application shall be made as provided above. The person reapplying for service shall also pay a deposit as follows:
Single residential unit
3 times the previous average monthly charges
Multihousing units
3 times the previous average monthly charges
Business accounts
3 times the previous average monthly charges
The deposit shall be made in the form of secured funds only. “Secure funds” are defined as cashier or counter check or money order. The deposit shall be used as set forth in subsection B of this section. Subsection C of this section shall not apply to the deposits provided in this section. The city council may from time to time by resolution change the amount of the deposits required hereunder. If there is any conflict between the provisions of this subsection E and subsection B of this section, the provisions of this subsection E shall apply. (Ord. 02-10, 5-28-2002; amd. Ord. 2005-01, 1-11-2005; Ord. 2006-15, 10-24-2006; Ord. 2008-16, 12-9-2008)



1. As set forth in UCA title 61, ch. 2f, as amended