From and after the effective date hereof, each building, structure or edifice of every kind and nature, requiring water and sewer which is held under separate ownership, shall be required to have a separate water meter and connection and a separate sewer connection. (Ord. 95-2, 3-14-1995)
   A.   Multiple Ownership: Whenever any grouping or combination of buildings, structures or edifices are held under a single ownership at the time water and sewer connections are made thereto and thereafter shall be sold or transferred of record resulting in any such property becoming vested in two (2) or more ownerships, each separate ownership shall at that time be required to have installed a separate water meter and shall pay the applicable connection rate therefor. It is specifically provided, however, that in the event of separation of ownership, the owner/operator of the property having the original water and sewer connections shall remain liable to the city for all charges accruing under the original connections until separate water meters and sewer connections have been installed as herein required. (Ord. 95-2, 3-14-1995; amd. 2000 Code)
   B.   Mobile Home Parks; Multiple-Family Dwellings: Each mobile home space within a mobile home park shall be served with an individual water meter. Each dwelling unit in a building with four (4) or less units shall be served with individual water meters. Multiple-family dwelling buildings with five (5) or more dwelling units shall be served with an individual water meter for each building. (Ord. 95-2, 3-14-1995)