ATTRACTIVE NUISANCE: Shall refer to a hazardous object or condition on the land that is likely to attract children who are unable to appreciate the risk posed by the object or condition.
NOXIOUS: Shall mean harmful to health.
PERSON: Any individual, public or private corporation and its officers, partnership, association, firm, trustee, executor of an estate, the state or its departments, institution, bureau, agency, municipal corporation, county, city, political subdivision, or any legal entity recognized by law.
PROPERTY: Any form of real property, including a habitable structure or any structure that is appurtenant thereto, object, or anything that is visible or tangible, specifically including, but not limited to, hedges, automobiles, etc. Property shall also include any sidewalks, park strips and gutters that border the property.
REFUSE: Shall mean the worthless or useless part of something; trash or garbage.
SOLID WASTE: Garbage, refuse, trash, rubbish, hazardous waste, dead animals, sludge, liquid or semiliquid waste, and other spent, useless, unsightly, worthless or discarded materials.
STRUCTURE: Anything constructed or erected which requires location on or below the ground, specifically including, but not limited to, fences, wells, poles, buildings, or sheds.
VEHICLE: A motor vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, off highway vehicle, manufactured home, or "mobile home", as defined by title 11, chapter 3 of this Code, as amended. (Ord. 2018-07, 5-22-2018)