A.   Every licensee shall allow inspection of the licensed premises by any peace officer or other authorized city official during regular business hours. Further, it is unlawful for any door or other means of ingress or egress for the licensed premises to be locked or to prevent access by any peace officer or other authorized city official while the premises are occupied or open to the public. In addition to any other civil or criminal penalties associated with violations of this section, such violations shall also constitute grounds for revocation of any license issued under this chapter.
   B.   The business license official, all police officers and all other city officials having duties to perform regarding licenses and businesses shall be designated license inspectors and shall have and exercise the following powers and duties:
      1.   To enter free of charge at any reasonable time, any place of business and to demand the exhibition of said business license for current term from any person engaged or employed in the transaction of such business.
      2.   To examine all places of business where a license is required and to determine that at such place of business, no business other than the business described in and covered by the license is transacted.
      3.   To report to the business license official all persons doing business without a proper and valid license for such business. (Ord. 2008-04, 7-22-2008)