A.   Change In Business Location Or Name: In the event of a change in business name an amended license shall be required. The processing fee set forth in the consolidated fee schedule shall be required. In the event of a change in business location, a new license may be required.
   B.   Nontransferable: Licenses issued under this chapter shall not be transferable; in the event that a license is revoked, suspended, or otherwise invalidated under the provisions of this title, the fee paid by the licensee to the city shall be forfeited.
   C.   Duplicate License; Fee: The business license official shall require the fee specified by the consolidated fee schedule for each duplicate license issued to replace any license issued under the provisions of this chapter when the same has been lost or destroyed.
   D.   Refund: No portion of a license fee shall be refunded for any reason after the license has been issued.
   E.   Display Required: It is the duty of every licensee to keep this license displayed and exhibited while said business is current and valid. Every licensee not having a fixed place of business shall carry such license with him at all times while engaging in business for which the license is issued and shall produce said license for inspection when requested to do so by any person. The licensee shall not allow any license, special permit or insignia to remain displayed or used after the period for which it was issued has expired; or when it has been suspended or revoked, or for any other reason becomes ineffective. The licensee shall not loan, sell, give or assign to any other person, or allow any other person to use or display, or to destroy, damage or remove, or to have in his possession, except as authorized by the business license official, any license or insignia which has been issued to said licensee. (Ord. 2009-15, 11-24-2009)