A.   Due Date And Late Fee: To maintain a valid business license, all licensing fees that are imposed by this chapter (except the initial license fee for a new business, out of city contracted services, temporary and seasonal merchant licenses, or mobile food vendor's licenses) shall be remitted to the city not more than forty five (45) days after the expiration date of the license. In the event the fee is not paid within the forty five (45) days, a late fee shall be imposed and shall become a part of the license fee levied by this chapter.
   B.   Final Notice: A final notice shall be sent to all licensees whose annual license fee remains unpaid one month after expiration. This notice shall state that unless the license fee is paid within the forty five (45) day renewal period a late fee shall be imposed and legal action may be initiated by the city for engaging in business without a valid business license. The notice shall also set forth the amount of the penalty fee. Should it be necessary to take this matter to court, the business shall become responsible to reimburse the city for all attorney fees, court costs and any other expenses incurred by the city to clear up the account.
   C.   Engaging Without License: Should any person be found in the act of engaging in business without a license, the late fee specified by the consolidated fee schedule shall be added as a civil penalty to the base fee upon required application.
   D.   Failure To Renew: For purposes under this section, new business licenses will not be issued to applicants who have an outstanding account balance. (Ord. 2012-08, 9-28-2012)