A.   Application Review: Upon receiving a complete application for a license, the business license official shall, upon determining that the applicant and proposed business are in compliance with all applicable city ordinances and regulations, make a decision to either approve or deny the license. In making the decision, the business license official may consider recommendations from any or all of the following city staff, or their designees, if necessary:
      1.   The chief of police.
      2.   The planning and zoning administrator.
      3.   The building official.
      4.   The city attorney.
   B.   Notification To Applicant: The applicant shall be notified of the decision in writing by the business license official.
   C.   Regulations Specific To Sexually Oriented Business And Employee Licenses: Chapter 4, "Sexually Oriented Businesses And Employees", of this title, contains additional regulations that shall apply to the review and approval procedures for an application for a sexually oriented business or employee license. (Ord. 2009-15, 11-24-2009)