A.   Generally: It is unlawful for any person to engage in business within the city without first obtaining a license as required by this chapter.
   B.   Contractors And Subcontractors: General contractors and subcontractors who live in the city or have an office in the city either in an office building or in their home, shall obtain a city business license and shall pay the base fee required by this chapter.
   C.   Separate License: A separate license must be obtained for each branch established, or each separate place of business in which the business of the licensee is engaged. A separate license must be obtained for each business conducted under the same roof unless conducted through the same books.
   D.   Deliveries Only: A business license will not be required of any company whose employees enter the city limits only for delivery of goods, such as flower delivery, parcel delivery, etc.
   E.   Home Occupations: All home occupations shall be required to obtain a general business license in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. Additional regulations for home occupations are set forth in title 11, chapter 16 of this code. The following activities are exempt from the requirement for a general business license:
      1.   Childcare for children of relatives.
      2.   Newspaper carriers.
      3.   Yard sales/garage sales.
      4.   Youth (minor) neighborhood seasonal work. (Ord. 2009-15, 11-24-2009)