Measures applied alone or in combination to satisfy the intent of this section are acceptable if there are no objectionable secondary consequences. The town recognizes that the management of stormwater runoff to minimize or control downstream channel and bank erosion is a developing technology. Innovative techniques and ideas will be considered and may be used when shown to have the potential to produce successful results. Some alternatives, while not exhaustive, are to:
   (A)   Avoid increases in surface runoff volume and velocity by including measures to promote infiltration to compensate for increased runoff from areas rendered impervious;
   (B)   Avoid increases in stormwater discharge velocities by using vegetated or roughened swales and  waterways in place of closed drains and high velocity paved sections:
   (C)   Provide energy dissipators at outlets of storm drainage facilities to reduce flow velocities to the point of discharge;
   (D)   Protect watercourses subject to accelerated erosion by improving cross sections and/or providing erosion-resistant lining; and
   (E)   Upgrade or replace the receiving device structure, or watercourse such that it will receive and conduct the flow to a point where it is no longer subject to degradation from the increased rate of flow or increased velocity.
(Ord. 2020-09-07, passed 9-21-20)