§ 156.065  OBJECTIVES.
   An erosion and sedimentation control plan may be disapproved if the plan fails to address the following control objectives:
   (A)   Identify critical areas. On-site areas which are subject to severe erosion, and off-site areas which are especially vulnerable to damage from erosion
and/or sedimentation, are to be identified and receive special attention.
   (B)   Limit time of exposure. Limit exposure to the shortest time specified in G.S. § 113A-57, the rules of this chapter, or as directed by the approving authority.
   (C)   Limit exposed areas. All land-disturbing activity is to be planned and conducted to minimize the size of the area to be exposed at anyone time.
   (D)   Control surface water. Surface water runoff originating upgrade of exposed areas should be controlled to reduce erosion and sediment loss during the period of exposure.
   (E)   Control sedimentation. All land-disturbing activity is to be planned and conducted so as to prevent off-site sedimentation damage.
   (F)   Manage stormwater runoff. Plans shall be designed so that any increase in velocity of stormwater runoff resulting from a land-disturbing activity will not result in accelerated erosion of the receiving stormwater conveyance or at the point of discharge. Plans shall include measures to prevent accelerated erosion within the project boundary and at the point of discharge.
(Ord. 2020-09-07, passed 9-21-20)