(A) The Town Council shall by ordinance fix the number of deputy marshals. The Town Council may by ordinance authorize the Town Marshal to appoint deputy marshals. Deputy marshals have the powers and liabilities of the Town Marshal in executing the orders of the Town Council or enforcing laws.
   (B)   One deputy marshal may be designated as the Town Humane Officer. He or she has the duties prescribed by I.C. 36-8 for municipal humane officers.
   (C)   The Town Council shall fix the amount of bond, compensation and term of service of deputy marshals. The Town Marshal may dismiss a deputy marshal at any time. However, a deputy marshal who has been employed by the town for more than six months after completing the minimum basic training requirements adopted by the Law Enforcement Training Board under I.C. 5-2-1-9 may be dismissed only if the procedure prescribed by § 32.21 is followed.
(I.C. 36-5-7-6)