(A)   The Clerk-Treasurer shall appoint the number of deputies and employees needed for the effective operation of the office, with the approval of the Town Council. The Clerk-Treasurer's deputies and employees serve at the Clerk-Treasurer's pleasure.
   (B)   If the town owns a utility and the Clerk-Treasurer is directly responsible for the billing and collection of that utility's rates and charges, the Clerk-Treasurer shall appoint those employees who are also responsible for that billing and collection. These employees serve at the Clerk-Treasurer's pleasure.
(I.C. 36-5-6-7)
   (C)   (1)   The Clerk-Treasurer may hire or contract with competent attorneys or legal research assistants on terms the Clerk-Treasurer considers appropriate.
      (2)   Appropriations for the salaries of attorneys and legal research assistants employed under this division (C) shall be approved in the annual budget and must be allocated to the Clerk-Treasurer for the payment of attorneys' and legal research assistants' salaries.
(I.C. 36-5-6-8)