6-1-11: POLICIES:
   A.   Access To Property: The Director of the Environmental Service Division of the County Health Department, or his authorized representative, in the performance of their duties, shall have access to all lands within the topographical boundaries of Clay County.
   B.   Notice Required: After permit approval and issuance, installers shall give the County Health Department at least twenty four (24) hours' notice, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, where and when a sewage treatment systems is to be installed, altered or repaired.
   C.   Scope Of Certification: Neither the issuance of permits, certification of inspection, nor any other certification of compliance requested or issued shall be construed to represent a guarantee or warranty of the system's operation or effectiveness. Such certifications signify that the system in question is or has been designed and installed in compliance or noncompliance with the provisions of these standards and regulations. (Ord., 1-27-1998)