The Director of the Environmental Service Division of the County Health Department, or an authorized representative shall have the responsibility for administering all provisions contained or referred to herein. Those duties shall include but not be limited to:
   A.   The review of applications and the issuance or denial of permits for the installation, repair or alteration of sewage treatment systems;
   B.   The keeping of appropriate records;
   C.   The performance of percolation tests and soil borings;
   D.   The inspection of system installation, repair or alteration and the certifying that they have been done in compliance with provisions of this Chapter;
   E.   The conducting of studies, investigations or research relating to matters of concern to these standards and regulations;
   F.   The inspection of sites before issuance of permits to determine their suitability and/or limitations;
   G.   The assisting of installers and homeowners with system design, where warranted;
   H.   The certification of septic system compliance and adequacy for State, Federal and local housing agencies and lending institutions; and
   I.   The collection of appropriate fees for services rendered, other than permit fees as aforementioned, as established from time to time by the County Board of Commissioners. (Ord., 1-27-1998)