6-1-1: INTENT:
   A.   Purpose: The purpose of this Chapter shall be to provide minimum standards for and regulation of individual sewage treatment systems (ISTS) and septage disposal including the proper location, design, construction, operation, maintenance and repair to protect surface water and ground water from contamination by human sewage and waterborne household waste; to protect the public's safety, and eliminate or prevent the development of public nuisance pursuant to the authority granted under Minnesota Statutes Annotated chapters 115 and 145A, and Minnesota Rules 7080, as amended, that may pertain to sewage and wastewater treatment.
   B.   Hazardous Materials: This Chapter does not address systems treating industrial or animal waste or wastewater that may contain hazardous materials. Industrial wastewater treatment systems receiving nonhazardous wastes are regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as Class V infection wells, under Code of Federal Regulations title 40, part 144. These Federal regulations, along with this Chapter, also cover individual sewage treatment systems serving more than twenty (20) persons. (Ord., 1-27-1998)