A.   New Businesses: Prior to the issuance of a license to engage in a new business not heretofore licensed, the applicant shall permit inspections to be made of the prospective place of business if requested by the appropriate department of the Town or other governmental agency to ensure compliance with Building, Fire and Health Codes. No license shall be granted without the approval of all such required inspections.
   B.   Existing Businesses; Violations: Existing places of business licensed within the Town may be inspected periodically by departments of the Town for compliance with Building, Fire and Health Codes. Written notice shall be given by an authorized representative of the Town to a licensee upon the finding of any Code infractions, which notice shall provide for a reasonable period, not to exceed sixty (60) days, in which to correct such infractions, the failure of which shall result in revocation of the license by authorized representatives of the Town. (Ord. 98-01, 2-6-1998)