(a)    Only designated Clarksburg Sanitary Board employees or parties authorized by the Director may perform construction upon the public facilities of the stormwater system. Public facilities of the system shall include:
      (1)   Those facilities that serve two or more properties, including, but not limited to, main pipelines that collect and transmit stormwater from and/or across two or more properties; and,
      (2)   All taps or other connections from a private lateral to a public facility of the system.
   (b)    All public costs and expenses of and incidental to the installation of private stormwater facilities, connections to public facilities, and installation of public facilities to facilitate and convey flows from a specific private facility shall be borne by the owner(s) of the private facility. Payment terms for these costs and expenses shall be designated by the Director.
   (c)    Parties authorized by the Director to perform construction of or upon the public facilities of the stormwater system shall comply with the design and construction standards promulgated by the Director. These parties shall allow for inspection of the construction by the Director at all times, and construction shall only occur during normal working hours of the Sanitary Board. No facility constructed by an authorized party may be covered or connected to a public facility without specific authorization of the Director. This authority shall be granted by the Director upon satisfaction of the announced design and construction standards.
   (d)    All public facilities shall, upon completion, inspection and acceptance be property of the Sanitary Board of the City of Clarksburg.
(Ord. 13-13.  Passed 6-6-13.)