§ 156.51  MOBILE HOMES.
   (A)   Lots on which mobile homes are to be installed must conform to all requirements of other residential lots.
   (B)   Adequate sanitary facilities shall be provided for each mobile home, and such facilities shall be approved by the County Board of Health prior to the installation. No application for an improvement location permit for a mobile home shall be acted upon until such time as the written recommendations of the County Health Department concerning the advisability of conditions under which a septic system may be installed. Written recommendations shall not be required for mobile homes served by sanitary sewers.
   (C)   All mobile home installations shall require an improvement location permit and final inspection unless said mobile home is located in a licensed mobile home park.
   (D)   Mobile homes shall be allowed in R1 Districts only if wheels, axles and tongue are removed and the mobile home is set on a permanent masonry foundation as described in division (E) below.
   (E)   Each mobile home shall be placed upon a foundation consisting of one of the following:
      (1)   A permanent, continuous foundation constructed of the same type of masonry such as poured concrete, concrete block, brick, stone or similar material under all outside walls;
      (2)   A pad or slab consisting of solid concrete of the same width and depth of the particular mobile home and of a thickness sufficient to support the maximum load during all seasons and types of weather, but in all cases slabs must be not less than four inches thick; or
      (3)   Piers or runners, the bottom of which must be at least 24 inches below grade, and at least 18 inches wide.
   (F)   All mobile homes not placed on a permanent foundation shall be underpinned completely around a noncombustible material. Underpinning must be completed within 60 days of the mobile home’s placement.
   (G)   All mobile homes must be anchored down by anchors or straps according to manufacturer’s specifications.
   (H)   If a lot on which a mobile home is to be placed conforms to all requirements of a residential lot, notice and hearing are not required, and an improvement location permit shall be issued upon request, as long as all other requirements of this chapter have been complied with in full.
   (I)   No more than one mobile home may be placed on any lot.
   (J)   All trash and refuse must be placed in closed containers or within an enclosure that is fenced or walled, containing closed containers.
   (K)   The applicant shall present a precise location of the lot intended for such usage on the property.
   (L)   The County Board of Zoning Appeals cannot grant a permit for a mobile home in violation of subdivision restrictions.
(Ord. 17-2007, passed 12-18-2007)