(A)   Zoning maps.
      (1)   The current zoning maps for each township section in the county are hereby adopted as part of this chapter. Zoning maps shall be kept on file and available for examination at the offices of the Plan Commission.
      (2)   The FO District is hereby established as an overlapping district, covering the entire jurisdictional area of the County Plan Commission.
   (B)   Flood insurance rate maps. The floodplain districts (areas subject to inundation by the regulatory flood) as identified by the Federal Insurance Administration in a scientific and engineering report entitled “The Flood Insurance Study for the County of Clark” with accompanying flood insurance rate maps and flood boundary-floodway maps along with any subsequent revisions to the text or maps are hereby adopted by reference and declared to be a part of this chapter. The flood insurance study is on file at the office of the County Plan Commission.
   (C)   Zoning districts. The county is divided into the districts stated in this chapter as shown by district boundaries on the zoning maps. The districts are:
      (1)   C1 Conservancy Zone;
      (2)   A1 Agricultural Zone;
      (3)   RP Patio Home Residence Zone;
      (4)   R1 One-Family Residence Zone;
      (5)   R2 Limited Multiple-Family Residence Zone;
      (6)   R3 Multi-Family Residence Zone;
      (7)   B1 Limited Business Zone;
      (8)   B2 Roadside Business Zone;
      (9)   B3 General Business Zone;
      (10)   M1 Light Industrial Zone;
      (11)   M2 Heavy Industrial Zone;
      (12)   M3 Hazardous Waste Disposal;
      (13)   FO Fill Operations District; and
      (14)   I-265 COD I-265 Corridor Overlay District.
   (D)   Determination and interpretation of district boundaries.
      (1)   In establishing the boundaries of the districts and the regulations applicable to these districts, due and careful consideration has been given to the existing conditions to characterize the intention of each district, the most desirable use for which the land in each district may be adapted and the conservation of property values throughout the unincorporated territory of the county.
      (2)   Where uncertainty exists as to the exact boundaries of any district as shown in the zone map, the following rules shall apply.
         (a)   In an unsubdivided area where a district boundary divides a lot, the exact location of the boundary shall be determined by use of the scale of the zone map.
         (b)   In the case of further uncertainty, Plan Commission shall interpret the zoning map for the location of the boundary in question.
   (E)   Procedure for vacated areas. Whenever any street, alley, public way, railroad right-of-way, waterway or other similar area is vacated by proper authority, the districts adjoining each side of such street, alley, public way, railroad right-of-way, waterway or similar area should be extended automatically to the center of such vacation. All areas included in the vacation shall then and thenceforth be subject to all appropriate regulations of the extended districts.
(Ord. 17-2007, passed 12-18-2007; Ord. 15-2012, passed 4-12-2012)