The additional job description for the Commissioners’ administrative assistant shall be as follows. (A copy of this job description shall be kept on file in the office of the Board of Commissioners, and a copy shall be delivered to the administrative assistant, who shall be asked to sign a statement acknowledging receipt of same.) Additional duties/responsibilities:
   (A)   Administrative tasks.
      (1)   Set up new files for the County Attorney;
      (2)   Organize files and maintain office records;
      (3)   Maintain Attorney’s calendar and notify of all impending deadlines;
      (4)   Copying/faxing/mailing;
      (5)   Answer phones/relaying messages;
      (6)   Prepare and maintain billings/ collections; and
      (7)   Scan pertinent documents to computer files.
   (B)   Scheduling.
      (1)   Appointments/meetings;
      (2)   Court dates;
      (3)   Depositions;
      (4)   Mediations; and
      (5)   Evaluations (medical, psychological and the like).
   (C)   Communication.
      (1)   Draft correspondence to clients, opposing counsel, courts and the like;
      (2)   Serve as line of communication between client and Attorney; and
      (3)   Place announcements in local newspapers.
   (D)   Research and preparation.
      (1)   Draft pleadings;
      (2)   Assist in legal research; case law, statutes, codes and the like;
      (3)   Assist in trial preparation; and
      (4)   Prepare reports.
   (E)   Miscellaneous.
      (1)   Obtain files from courts and opposing counsel;
      (2)   File documents with courts (runner);
      (3)   Obtain tax info, medical records, police reports and the like; and
      (4)   Serve as a witness at document executions; notarize.
(Res. 1-2013, passed 1-31-2013)