(A)   Employees holding the title “Dispatcher for Clark County Central Alarm”, hereinafter referred to as “employees” and employed by county government, hereinafter referred to as “employer” shall constitute the “bargaining unit” for purposes of this agreement and for the purposes of the representation described herein.
   (B)   The employer agrees that the bargaining unit proposed herein is an appropriate unit, and the employer further agrees that it will not contest the appropriateness of the bargaining unit described herein.
   (C)   The employer further concedes that a majority of the “employees” in the proposed bargaining unit has expressed their desire to be represented by the Communication Workers of America, AFL-CIO hereinafter referred to as “ONA”.
   (D)   The employer hereby recognizes the CWA as the sole and exclusive bargaining representative for the employees otherwise referred to as the bargaining unit.
(Ord. 2012-8, passed 3-15-2012)