(A)   Each county employee is required to wear a shirt and long pants/trousers while working and during working hours. Shorts and “tank top” shirts are expressly prohibited.
   (B)   Each employee is required to wear work boots or work shoes while working and during working hours. Tennis shoes, canvas shoes or running shoes are expressly prohibited.
   (C)   Each employee is to own a pair of work gloves, to be paid for by the employee.
      (1)   Such gloves are to be available to each employee during all working hours.
      (2)   Such gloves are to be worn by each employee at the instruction of the Superintendent or his or her designated agent who is in charge of supervising any particular work further, each employee is required to possess and wear heat-protective gloves, covering his or her hands, during any time that such employee is working with or near hot asphalt, or any hot asphalt mixes, particularly during paving and re-surfacing operations.
   (D)   Each employee that is designated to direct, control or maintain traffic during the time that county highway crews are working on any particular roadway is required to wear: the shirt, shoes and long pants previously described above; a safety helmet; and a safety vest, making such employee clearly identifiable to oncoming drivers.
   (E)   The County Highway Superintendent is hereby authorized by the Board of Commissioners to require adherence to this dress code, and to enforce the rules hereunder. He or she is further authorized to report any violations of this dress code, after the effective date, to the Board of County Commissioners. Violation of this dress code is grounds for warning, reprimand, suspension or dismissal.
   (F)   The Superintendent of the County Highway Department is to post a copy of this section at the County Highway Department garage, and he or she is further directed to make copies of same available, for pick-up at the garage, to each employee of the County Highway Department.
(Ord. 1-1988, passed 1-19-1988)