(A)   The payroll deduction option, heretofore in place and offered to county employees, for purposes of each employee making a determination whether or not to consent to a payroll deduction in favor of a political party or affiliation is hereby abolished.
   (B)   The Auditor of the county is hereby authorized to take all steps that are necessary, immediately, to eliminate any deductions from the gross pay of all county employees made and intended for delivery to any political party or affiliation.
   (C)   It is the declared policy of the Board of Commissioners of the county that employment of any person or legal entity, by any office, organization or agent of the government of the county, shall not be based upon, related to or in consideration of the political membership, preferences, practices or affiliation of any such person or entity.
   (D)   It is the declared policy of the Board of Commissioners of the county that no employee or entity duly employed by any office of county government, as an employee, shall have such employment terminated or forfeited as a result of an individual choice not to make contributions to a political party.
   (E)   The Auditor of the county, subsequent to performing the duties set out in division (B) above, is not to engage himself or herself, or any employee of the Auditor’s office, in any future payroll deduction practices, from any employee’s gross remuneration, for purposes of holding and delivering such monies to any political party or political affiliation.
(Ord. 14-1987, passed 9-1-1987)